Monday, 22 June 2009

Arctic Blasts

What I meant to talk about on Saturday was tea.

My coffee consumption has dwindled to a few lonely, slightly soggy grounds (I think I last had a cup on Thursday), and my tea ball is working over-time.  ngaio was kind enough to buy me a ‘sampler’ of lose-leaf teas which Evis and I have been testing over the past few weeks.  I have a table on my computer at work, wherein I have commented on the teas, and given them marks out of ten.  The marks range from eight to two (it tasted like broad beans...)  When it’s complete, I shall of course be posting it up here.

The fantastic news is that I’ve found a tea which scores an amazing, big, fat ten out of ten.  It’s called Arctic Fire, and I picked it up in London.  It’s almost sweet and floral, like Turkish Delight, but then it weighs in with a heavy kick of mint.

There’s only two problems:
I need an air-tight jar to keep it in, as it’s very quickly losing it’s bite;
I can’t find anywhere in the UK to buy it on-line!  The shop sealed the packets with stickers giving their street address and telephone number, so when I come back from Scotland I’m going to give them a call and ask if they can post me some.

I’ve got another two teas from the London shop as well:  One is a violet tea which Allegra brought and doesn’t really like; and the other is one called Chinese Hookah.  I’ve not tried the Hookah yet--I’m using up the Arctic Fire before it becomes tasteless, and have kept the Hookah sealed against degeneration.  The violet tea tastes like Palmer Violets, which can’t be a bad thing.  It’s a sweet tea that’s like eating a Mars Bar--a bit fun and indulgent.

Peppermint tea is quickly replacing coffee as my writing drink.  This is very significant.  It’s like changing operating systems.  I replaced smoking with coffee, and now I’m replacing coffee with peppermint tea.  I love mint teas.  I’ve even brought my own mint plant--called Bertie--so I can make fresh mint tea.  Only problem is that the slugs seem to quite like mint, too.


Jo Thomas said...

Slugs also like beer in buried jam jars. I'm sure you can work it out for yourself - assuming Bertie is in the garden and not a pot plant.

Foxie said...

We were trying to be kind to them, and picking them off the veg by hand. They've crossed a line now. We're going to set beer traps for them tonight--the gloves are coming off.