Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Week in FoxieLand

It’s been a kind of crappy week.  Work’s been a steady rolling ball of unpleasantness, mainly due to the atmosphere.  The company are treating us like crap, people are feeling like crap and it’s not taking much for people to get bruised. 

The landlord came over on Thursday to deliver a new cooker for us.  That meant the house needed cleaning.  (I don’t live in a sty, but I’ve got more interesting things to be doing than vacuuming every few days and Turtle Waxing my books.) 

The week before, I put down the work I’ve been doing on Bambi to turn an old shirt into a new waistcoat.  I’ve really taken to sewing.  It has a tangible feel of achievement, and I can watch Quantum Leap while I do it.  I just brought Season 2 on DVD and, well, childhood feelings are the sweetest.  The house cleaning meant that I worked, came home, cleaned, went to bed...

On top of that, I’m seriously considering leaving Critters.  Critters is amazing.  It’s a group of writers who exchange critiques on each other’s stories.  Each week, about two dozen short stories are mailed out to members and put on the website.  Everyone reads a manuscript or two, or ten, and submit their 300 word plus critique, which then gets sent to the writer.  You can expect about a dozen critiques on a story.  Writing the crits has helped me as much as getting them back on the two stories I’ve had critted. 

The trouble is, you have to submit three critiques every four weeks.  I’m having trouble doing that.  It’s so damned simple, but this is the sort of thing I’ve always struggled with.  You know, commitment and consistency.  I pick things up, chase them around the living room for a bit, and then sort of get bored and wander off.  I’m changing my nature, but there’s only so hard you can fight against it.

In other news, I’m looking forwards to having a new puppy to play with.  According to the BBC, the British Library are putting 2 million pages from 19th century newspapers online for the public to view.  It costs, but not much and I’m happy to pay.  The opportunity to paw through the minutiae of life over a century ago is making my jaws slather. 

I do apologise for the boring, negative post.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’m trying to keep playing with this toy even after the shine has stopped sparkling.  I just keep reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  That’s one of the things which enables me to drop things:  I leave them for a bit, and then the momentum goes and the longer I leave it, the more I’m convinced it’s got to be perfect, so the longer I leave it...  You don’t have to make it up the mountain in one step, Foxie.

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