Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Mth Dimension

Yesterday was a surprisingly enjoyable day. Allegra, ngaio and myself went to Chester to a mini steam meet. A group of like minded people spending the majority of the day just ‘hanging out’. We had tea in a very hot tea room, sat on the grass by a ruined church, and then had a couple of drinks down the pub. We talked about music and clothing and other things I can’t remember directly. I can only assume that this is what ‘a life’ is. We made semi-organised plans for another meet at the end of July to which I’m looking forwards immensely. I’m sure it’s a combination of the right people and being at a point in my psychological development where I can recognise and appreciate that which made the meeting so enjoyable. I have a feeling I met some good friends yesterday.

The only trouble is the distance. The hour’s drive isn’t prohibitive, but it is a bit of a pain. It might not be a problem for much more than the next few months; work is becoming more and more unreasonable, and if things don’t improve I am seriously considering decamping to the Chester area.

There is a man, called Dylan (to pick a name at random). Dylan can do 100 units of work per normal working week. A change in working conditions means he can now only do 65 units of work per normal working week, and the other 35 need to be done outside of the normal week. Each unit takes 0.2 hours to complete, so Dylan is working 7 additional hours. Dylan’s workload is increased to 120 units, and the number of units he can do during his normal week decreases to 35 units. The extra 85 units are now being done outside the normal week, totalling an extra 17 hours of work. Dylan is then forbidden from doing work outside his normal working week.

In a special dimension where managers exist, the extra 85 units of work are done without problems. This is the Mth Dimension, where time, maths and people work to a different set of laws which are inscrutable to us, trapped in the normal four dimensions. Current theories suggest the Mth Dimension is located several miles up someone’s arsehole.


Evis T said...

Maybe we can collapse the Mth Dimension with red matter?

Foxie said...

It's worth a shot. Anyone got the number of a time-travelling Vulcan?