Thursday, 21 May 2009

Same Planet, Different Worlds

I came in to work this morning, and the day started on a bad foot: someone had parked in my space. I always park in the space to the left of the lamp post in the first part of the car park, and today I had to park directly in-front of the lamp post. Some bugger in a fancy black... thing that I’d never seen before was there, sitting in my space. It took an amazing effort to put the incident behind me.

Then, when I came in and sat at my desk, I realised that there are actually two offices instead of just the one. There’s the physical office, where people put numbers into spreadsheets, bitch about our on-line systems and indulge on gratuitous sexual harassment (but we all do it to each other, so it’s okay). Then there’s the virtual office which exists in email land. People have blazing rows, emotional heart-to-hearts, fall in love, fall out of love and get pregnant all without disturbing the physical world, save for the space of a moment or the length of a dream.

We’re not allowed to have windows which open because... the power might go to our heads? Chairs become a way for us to express our personality. Tactic wars erupt over staples and bulldog clips. Pot plants replace children.

We’re a strange lot, really.

Saw the new Star Trek film last night. Too much lazy writing for me to really enjoy it, but the characters were fantastic. Who’d of thought I’d like Kirk, even empathise with him? And it was pretty, which always helps.

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