Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Second Part

Well, this is my attempt at using ScribeFire at home.  A few noteworthy things happened today, actually:  my colleagues gave me a beautiful watch as a belated birthday present (if you're having sex--you know, proper full-on naked sex--are you supposed to take your watch off?);I spent this evening working in the garden; and I typed the <end> tag on the last story in Bambi's arc.  Thinking back over it, it seems really rather messy and is probably going to need some serious work.  I'll do that over Easter weekend, though:  That's 'Bambi Editing Weekend'.  More on that later, though.  I'm just posting while dinner is cooking.

I'm really hoping this works.

~crosses fingers~

(I must remember to change the font from the default to Arial when posting.  With luck, writing it here will remind me.)

EDIT:  success of a kind, I think.  The fonts are going to need some tweaking, but okay for today.

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